Sunday, June 30, 2013

June Dividend Update

My dividend total for June comes to $149.49 which is a big improvement over the $98.26 that I made last quarter in March and nearly double what I made last June where I earned $78.60. This is partially due to two of my stocks moving payments to this month.

Dividend Increases

Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) - From 0.61 to 0.66 per quarter
Universal Health Realty Income Trust (UHT) - From 0.62 to 0.625 per quarter

June Purchases

AT&T (T) - 62 Shares @ $34.69
Piedmont Natural Gas (PNY) - 32 Shares @ $34.31

I predict that July's totals will be less than last quarter due to the sale of MMT, and the fact that WMT and UHT paid in June rather than July. My recent purchase of more PNY shares will help lessen the reduction in dividend income. It looks like I've now safely passed the $100 mark for every month now. Baby steps ....


June Dividend Total - $149.49

Monday, June 24, 2013

Captain's Picks

Captain's Picks is a collection of various articles that have caught my eye recently. I think you may find them interesting. Here's this weeks crop ....

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Get Rich With Dividends Podcast

Recently while looking for new podcasts to listen to I ran across a new podcast that covers dividend investing specifically. I listened to all of the episodes in a row so I guess I really liked it and I think you will enjoy it as well. It's hosted by Marc Lichtenfeld and it's called "Get Rich With Dividends". Marc Lichtenfeld is the Editor of the Ultimate Income Letter and Associate Investment Director of the The Oxford Club and contributes frequently to The Oxford Club Communique, The Ultimate Income Letter and Investment U. Marc is also the editor of The Oxford Club Systems Trader and FirstLine Investor Alert. He is also the author of Get Rich with Dividends.

Marc lends his perspective in podcast form about once a week and offers an enjoyable show that's about 30min long or so. Some examples of topics include "Tech Stocks For Your Dividend Portfolio" and "Great Yields With No Taxes". Since the podcast is updated regularly Marc can discuss the weeks market news which I enjoy. The show also features industry leading guests to offer their  insights. If your interested at all about dividend investing (since your here on this site I suspect you are) then why not check it out?


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Recent Buy - Piedmont Natural Gas (PNY)

This week I purchased more Piedmont Natural Gas (PNY). Piedmont Natural Gas Company, Inc., an energy services company, engages in the distribution of natural gas to residential, commercial, industrial, and power generation customers in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. It also operates energy-related businesses, including unregulated retail natural gas marketing, regulated interstate natural gas storage, and intrastate natural gas transportation.

I used $1100 of new capital to purchase 32 more shares at $34.31 which added $38.44/year to my dividend income.

As you can see from the chart below PNY has been able to limit stock depreciation even during the last two recessions which is one reason I like PNY so much. I like to think of PNY as a defensive stock.

PNY currently has a P/E ratio of 17.87 with a 3.60% dividend yield and has a long tradition of consistent dividend growth although the growth is a bit lower than I like at just under 5% growth but that's not too shabby.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Top 35 Dividend Growth Stocks E-Book Realeased

Dan Mac over at Dividend Stock Investing has released his new E-book on Amazon and is available for FREE for the next 3 days (June 16,17 and 18)! It's definitely worth a look. The book is available in Kindle format. Don't have a Kindle ? Don't fret, you can still read the book through Amazons own online "Cloud Reader" or there are other ways to read it here.

35 Top Dividend Growth Stocks is divided into two parts.  Part One provides an introduction to the dividend growth strategy, why dividend growth stocks make good investments and the goals of dividend growth investors.  In Part Two I discuss my criteria for dividend growth stock selection.  The highlight of the book is where you can find out the 35 dividend growth stocks I am using to build my portfolio, company descriptions and my reasons for choosing these companies as long term investments.

Download the book for free from Amazon and feel free to leave him a review.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Recent Sell / Recent Buy - MFS Multimarket Income Trust & AT&T

Today I sold my stake in MFS Multimarket Income Trust (MMT). MFS Multimarket Income Trust is a close-ended fixed income mutual fund launched and managed by Massachusetts Financial Services Company.

I have to admit when I initially purchased MMT that I was attracted by it's generous 6% dividend yield. Unfortunately they are slowly and consistently cutting that dividend and that's never something a dividend investor can be comfortable with. As a result I decided to sell my stake in MMT.

I used the proceeds of my sale of MFS Multimarket Income Trust (MMT) to add to my position in AT&T (T). I purchased 62 shares of AT&T (T) on 6/3/13 for $34.69 per share. AT&T Inc. provides telecommunications services to consumers, businesses, and other providers in the United States and internationally.

I have been happy holding AT&T and am glad I could add to my stake after the big market drop on Friday. AT&T is a dividend aristocrat that has raised their dividend for over 25 years straight as seen in the chart below.