Friday, June 21, 2013

Get Rich With Dividends Podcast

Recently while looking for new podcasts to listen to I ran across a new podcast that covers dividend investing specifically. I listened to all of the episodes in a row so I guess I really liked it and I think you will enjoy it as well. It's hosted by Marc Lichtenfeld and it's called "Get Rich With Dividends". Marc Lichtenfeld is the Editor of the Ultimate Income Letter and Associate Investment Director of the The Oxford Club and contributes frequently to The Oxford Club Communique, The Ultimate Income Letter and Investment U. Marc is also the editor of The Oxford Club Systems Trader and FirstLine Investor Alert. He is also the author of Get Rich with Dividends.

Marc lends his perspective in podcast form about once a week and offers an enjoyable show that's about 30min long or so. Some examples of topics include "Tech Stocks For Your Dividend Portfolio" and "Great Yields With No Taxes". Since the podcast is updated regularly Marc can discuss the weeks market news which I enjoy. The show also features industry leading guests to offer their  insights. If your interested at all about dividend investing (since your here on this site I suspect you are) then why not check it out?


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  1. I agree it is a great show, I never miss it, as it usually comes on once a week.