Saturday, July 13, 2013

Captains Picks

Captain's Picks is a collection of various articles that have caught my eye recently. I think you may find them interesting. Here's this weeks crop .... 

Colgate Palmolive Stock: An Essential Core Holding In Your Portfolio - Tim wrote a nice article about the strength of this blue chip dividend stock and why it belongs in your portfolio.

Philip Morris Dividend Stock Analysis - Dan Mac does another great dividend stock analysis, this time he sets his eyes on the tobacco giant PM. 

Microsoft Dividend Fact Sheet - 'Dividend Engineering' breaks down the facts of Microsoft as a dividend stock and if it makes sense to buy at current levels.

Highest Yielding Stocks With Dividend Growth - 'Dividend Ladder' reveals the top dividend stocks based on his screening criteria. There's some very strong names on this list.

How To Accumulate Your Nest Egg - There are a few basic ways to grow your nest egg, 'Dividend Growth Investor' covers them in this piece.

A 25 Year Investment Case Study Of Chevron - Joshua Kennon illustrates the power of dividend investing with a 25 year case study of what a $100,000 investment in Chevron would have

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  1. Nice list. I knew about some but a few were new to me, so I will go and read it. Thanks for sharing.