Monday, August 5, 2013

Captain's Picks

Captain's Picks is a collection of various articles that have caught my eye recently. I think you may find them interesting. Here's this weeks crop .... 

Achieving a 10% yield on cost How to determine what the YOC of your investment will be after 10 years. - My Financial Independence Journey

Where is the economy going? - Marc Lichtenfeld and Oxford Club Chief Investment Strategist Alexander Green discuss the latest economic data, his Gone Fishin’ Portfolio and specific sectors in the market that he likes right now. - Get Rich With Dividends

Four reasons to stay away from a dividend stock - Dividend investing is not without it's risks, here's four tell tale signs to avoid a dividend stock. - Julian Close

ADP Dividend Fact Sheet -  This week we have a nice dividend breakdown of the dividend champion Automatic Data Processing (ADP) complete with the usual assortment of informative charts and stats. - Dividend Engineering

Retire at 30? Can this be done ? - Is it possible that one can retire at such an early age ? Here's some tips and examples that shows it can be possible in some cases. - Get Financially Integrated

10 Cheap High Yield Dividend Aristocrats - 10 of the cheapest high yielding stocks from the S&P High Yield Dividend Aristocrats Index are revealed after some screening criteria.- GuruFocus

July Dividend Income Updates

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