Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Recent Buy 2.0 - Johnson & Johnson (JNJ)

Looks like I just can't get enough of a good thing. As with my previous purchase last week JNJ had hit a compelling price point under $100 and it just so happens that JNJ squeaked under that very same price in early trading today before rebounding.  I realized had some cash in my account just enough to reach my $1000 buy limit I try to hold to minimize transaction costs. So I pulled the trigger on another JNJ purchase.

I purchased another 10 shares of JNJ @ $99.75

Another stock that's been on my watch list for some time has been IBM and they announced a massive dividend increase today of over 18% ! Once I heard that news I almost wished I would have bought IBM instead but I think I'll be happy with more JNJ just the same.

I'll keep this brief since I just purchased JNJ. What do you guys think about JNJ or that generous IBM increase ?


  1. I was surprised by IBM's increase and didnt expect it to be that high. Still have XOM and CVX to announce increases so I'll grt a couple more raises this month. I've been trying to add some more JNJ shares but missed the dip this morning. Thought I had my limit order set but I put it to expire yesterday when I thought it was good til cancelled. Im still hoping to add some shares soon. Also initiated a new position today. Its a bit expensive but I wanted this company in my portfolio.

  2. Great long term pick in JNJ. I wish I had some money to add more to it right now. Thanks for the update on IBM. I hadn't heard about that nice dividend increase yet!

  3. The dividend increase lately is nice and the PE is not as inflated as other DGI stocks I am tracking. This stock won't do anything exciting in the short term but in the long term with dividends reinvested it should provide decent growth.

  4. Thats a decent price to add to JNJ, CD. Congrats on adding more to your portfolio and adding to your dividend income.


  5. JNJ is a great company with a reasonable P/E, they are on my watch list. Under 100 is a good price, S&P capital IQ has their fair value at around 101.40.

  6. Captain Div -

    You know I love both. I own quite a little piece of IBM, so was very happy to see that increase. Also - made my initial two investments into JNJ, and still looking to double my size within the month, especially at the level it is now. AKA - great purchase and with IBM a 3% yield with a double digit dividend growth rate - that's hard to pass up.


  7. JNJ is a really good stock for your portfolio, and the price paid I think that is really nice.

    Continue upgrading your portfolio!!!

  8. You made the right move. JNJ under $100 is a good buy. I think IBM will have some dips in the near future and you will be able to get that one too.

  9. Captain,

    Excellent addition to your portfolio yet again. Even though IBM also seems attractive, I'd pick JNJ every single time - I'm a shareholder of both companies. Can't pass up that 3% yield with high growth in such a stable business.

    Best wishes,