Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A closer look at the new McDonalds kiosks

Today I ran across an interesting video brought to you by vlogger Casey Neistat that captures his recent visit to a McDonalds in NYC. In the video we get a close look at the new ordering kiosks that McDonalds is ramping up. Through these new kiosks customers can customize their food. For example there is a "create your own burger" which is highlighted in the video.

I think the new kiosks are a great idea to give customers the option to get what they really want. They look easy to use and seem to have a lot of ordering options available like guacamole. The food looked surprisingly good also. What do you think about the new kiosks ?


  1. The kiosks look good. I'll have to try them when it comes to Chicago. The burgers better be pretty good because you can get some good ones around here for $10-12.

  2. Great video. I tried to film my McDonalds experience in India but they too didn't allow any cameras. I like this idea and I would use it. Jack in the Box has these self-serve kiosk in my area and they are always busy. Thanks for sharing.

  3. This is an interesting development.

    Looking forward to see this type of ordering machines in Europe too. We do have 'fast ordering' terminals. This skips the waiting line, as you can pay at the machine and wait for your order to be prepared. It is useful, but I haven't seen any customization at these terminals.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. The kiosk looks great. I am glad to see Mcdonald trying different things out!

  5. Captain Dividend,

    I have heard so many different people saying companies like MCD and KO are dead for good. Never bought that argument and believe they will continue to innovate and reinvent themselves.

    As long as millions of people keep enjoying their products and they keep paying me to own equity I am not giving up my shares or interest in these companies.

  6. I have never seen such kiosks! I'm too busy with writing material on 6 Ways To Get The Translation And Localization Of Your Online Course Right and I can't even find time to go out!