Sunday, September 13, 2015

Recent Buy - Johnson & Johnson

Earlier this week I purchased shares of Johnson & Johnson. I was having a tough time choosing between a few stocks on my watch list including PG, IBM, PEP and UL but ultimately went with JNJ. This monster of a company will continue to grow earnings along with it's dividend for years to come.

I purchased 11 shares of JNJ at $93.65

Johnson & Johnson, together with its subsidiaries, researches and develops, manufactures, and sells various products in the health care field worldwide. It operates in three segments: Consumer, Pharmaceutical, and Medical Devices.

JNJ Stock Chart
JNJ Basic Statistics
  • Ticker Symbol: JNJ
  • Sector: Healthcare
  • Yield: 3.24%
  • Payout Ratio: 52%
  • Dividend Growth: 1yr - 7.14%  5yr - 6.79%
  • PE Ratio: 16.3
  • Market cap:$257 Billion
  • Morningstar Fair Value: $99
  • Value Line Target Price: $110
  • Website:

JNJ Dividend Growth


  1. CD,

    Nice job! I recently bought more shares into JNJ myself, and love them, for sure. One of the foundation stocks and Bert wrote about them being a stock you can always buy when the time is right. Congrats!


  2. Nicely done, CD. Cant go wrong with buying JNJ in the low 90s price range.


  3. What's not to like about JNJ. Below $100 I know it will be getting a lot more attention. Though these days it seems like many stocks are getting attention that just over a month ago seemed overvalued. Companies like CAT, EMR and others fit the bill. Great long term hold and nice yield at over 3%.

  4. PG is also a great opportunities these days. But what's not to like about JNJ?



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