Tuesday, April 5, 2016

March 2016 Dividend Update

It's March dividend update time! My dividend total for March was $289.49 which is a 15% improvement over last year and just slightly higher than last quarter. This total probably would have been higher had I not sold my shares in Chevron after growing concern about their dividend coverage. This could be my last month below the $300 mark and it looks like my quarterly average is comfortably above the $300/month mark as well. April is looking to be a solid month! My dividend income is listed below.

March Purchases
  • Cisco (CSCO) - 37 Shares @ $27.58
March Dividend Increases
  • Compass Minerals (CMP) - From .66 to .695 (+5.3%)
  • Avista (AVA) - From .33 to .343 (+4%)
March Dividend Income
  • Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) - $45.75
  • Unilever (UL) - $18.18
  • Exxon (XOM) - $49.64
  • Compass Minerals (CMP) - $12.51
  • Realty Income (O) - $19.85
  • McDonalds (MCD) - $31.15
  • Avista (AVA) - $19.87
  • Flowers Foods (FLO) - $17.26
  • Pepsi (PEP) - $30.21
  • Travelers (TRV) - $7.32
  • Powershares Muni Bond ETF (PZA) - $5.48
  • Universal Health Trust (UHT) - $32.25
Total Dividends March 2016: - $289.49


  1. Nice work Captain! Congrats on perhaps never being under $300 again!


  2. Really impressive growth! Love the graph of just steadily marching upwards to more and more income. Nice job

  3. Looks good Captain! Almost $300 and a solid 15% increase from last year. All the best.

  4. Keep it up Captain. You're doing awesome bud. Don't stop!

  5. Congrats Captain. Good to see your monthly dividend income close to $300. Nice work sir.

  6. Always a great read when highlighting dividend income. Great total from many names I own and like too. Keep it up!

  7. Good job Captain. I'm sure you'll break 300 in June

  8. Hey Captain, very nice amount of income for March, I love the graph; that's a sold upwards trend. Good luck for the rest of the year.


  9. I did the same thing with Chevron. I bought at $90 and sold a couple days later at $91. It quickly shot up to $96 after that. F@*!

    No worries, I sold it for a couple dollars profit and like the great WB says, as long as you're not losing money, you're good.

    Glad to see this may be your last month sub $300. Keep it up and by that I mean keep being awesome!

  10. The chart looks so beautiful! It only goes up!

  11. A 15% improvement is great. You have a lot of solid payers there.

  12. Nice dividend income for the month, and 15% year over year increase is awesome. I own some of the same companies as you, such as JNJ, UL, XOM, O, MCD, and PEP. I checked out your portfolio and you own some great companies; I'm looking to initiate positions in some of the companies you own once they are at better prices. Thanks for sharing.