Thursday, June 2, 2016

May 2016 Dividend Income Update

It's time for my May dividend update! This month I squeaked past the $300 mark once again and managed to earn $301.68 in dividend income. I didn't make any major purchases but I did manage to increase my income over last quarter by 3.1% partially due to a few dividend raises. My YOY income growth was 9% as well. My income is listed below.

On a side note, I'm really finding it hard to find value in this market. I see a few names I'm considering for my next purchase but I really don't have anything that I want to buy with any conviction to be honest. Well see what happens.

May Purchases
  • Compass Minerals (CMP) - 14 Shares @ $76.75
May Dividend Increases
  • WGL Holdings (WGL) - From .468 to .488 (+4.2%)
  • General Mills (GIS) - From .44 to .46 (+4.5%)
  • Proctor & Gamble - From .663 to .67 (+1.0%)
  • People's United Financial - From .168 to .17 (+1.1%)
May Dividend Income
  • AT&T (T) - $108.00
  • WGL Holdings (WGL) - $32.18
  • General Mills (GIS) - $35.88
  • Clorox (CLX) - $14.63
  • Realty Income (O) - $19.90
  • Peoples United Financial (PBCT) - $37.91
  • Proctor & Gamble (PG) - $22.76
  • Tompkins Financial (TMP) - $19.80
  • Powershares Muni Bond ETF (PZA) - $10.60
Total Dividends May 2016: - $301.68


  1. I hear you with the value issue. Would love some dividend stalwarts to fall. I made a big purchase with CSCO that I think is undervalued. Along with OHI. You might be able to find value in the REIT's because of the raising of interest rates.

    Either way, congrats on the growth! Nice to see that will very little extra purchases, you income is still increasing. Gotta love it.

    Keep up the good work and as always... Love that graph!


    1. I was also thinking about CSCO in my short list of possibilities for my next purchase. It's gone up a bit since I first bought unfortunately but could still be some value there.

  2. Captain,

    Very nice month! Big T is a beast for you. I started adding VZ recently after a slight pullback, but would love to jump on T. Get to $35 and I'll be all over it.

    Keep adding coal to the furnace!


    1. I love both stocks, I don't think you can go wrong with either. Currently VZ does seem cheaper though I think you are right.

  3. Great stuff Captain! Over $300 in dividends and you just continue to march forward in your progress. I haven't been paying to close attention to the markets and value, but on the surface there's not much that I'm excited about either. All the best.

    1. Ya, it looks like I can put the $300 mark in the rear view and push toward the $400 mark. Can't wait!

  4. Great month Captain. Your persistence and patience are really starting to pay off. With May being a smaller dividend month, your results are very impressive.

  5. Captain,

    NICE! Cruised by me that is for sure. You have a monster dividend from AT&T - intense and I like it, getting a few shares with reinvestment and keep it on cruise. LETS GO!!!!


    1. For sure, T is a core holding that I'm currently a tad overweight in (7.3% weight) but that's ok for now. It's still early in my accumulation phase far from retirement unfortunately. Thanks for the visit.

  6. I salute you, Captain! Great job with your divvy income and cracking $300 in passive money earned. While you have a diverse group of companies paying you I see that T is your workhorse. Nothing wrong with that initially but just remember that you don't want to become too reliant on a handful of stocks for your dividend income as it essentially nullifies any stock diversity you have. Thanks for sharing.

    1. You're right and I plan on having a nice balanced portfolio eventually but quite frankly it's becoming difficult with so many stocks overbought presently. My choices are limited substantially and my next purchase is likely to compound that more. This is only short term though since all stocks will eventually capitulate to some degree and valuations will normalize. I'm not going to buy an overvalued stock simply to balance my portfolio. Who knew that my stocks going up would be a bad thing? :-o

  7. Hi Captain,
    It's great watching the upward trend in your income! It looks like you'll be over $300 for some more 'off-months' this year too.

    Are your stocks all in Taxable or do you have some in tax-advantaged accounts?

    I like T as well and I'm considering switch my cable / internet over to them since I'm a shareholder and it's partly my company ;)

    Best wishes,

    1. All of my stocks are in a taxable account for now. I have thought about opening a ROTH account at my broker but I haven't pulled the trigger yet. Thanks for the visit.

  8. Congrats on all the dividends Captain, you've grown your income so much since I first started visiting your blog :)

    Good luck for next month :)


  9. Oh yay. That sweet free cash! :)

  10. Congrats Captain! That graph really illustrates beautifully how dividend investing can be so effective. I'm sure while individual prices fluctuated over that same period, and your net worth bobbed up and down, you've got a relentless march upwards on your income :)

  11. Nice dividend income for the month, Captain Dividend. I also would like to eventually own T, GIS, and CLX, but these companies as well as many others I would like to own seem overpriced. Good to know another fellow PG shareholder. I was a little disappointed with the 1% dividend increase from PG, but still better than nothing.

    Keep up the great work!

  12. I hear you on the value conundrum as the search for yield has really driven prices on some of these securities through the roof. It's tough to see value in a lot of individual stocks if you look at it through a historical lens but it's also hard to gauge value in this type of low interest rate environment that might stick around for a while.