Saturday, July 30, 2016

July 2016 Dividend Income Update

It's time for my July dividend update! Another great month of dividend income has come and it looks like I managed to earn $322.88 in July. This month featured a new addition to the portfolio in Abbott Labs as well as a departure of one of my favorite stocks in Realty Income (O). I probably would not have sold my position but I really wanted to pay off my mortgage (which I did) and I thought I might find a more attractive price for O in the future. Time will tell but I have no regrets. My income is listed below.

 July Purchases
July Sales
July Dividend Increases
  • Realty Income (O) - From .1995 to .2015 (+1%)
July Dividend Income
  • Coca Cola (KO) - $21.35
  • New Jersey Resources (NJR) - $85.20
  • Kraft/Heinz (KHC) - $24.73
  • Hatteras Financial (HTS) - $24.75
  • Altria (MO) - $53.68
  • Phillip Morris (PM) - $14.28
  • Glako Smith Kline (GSK) - $38.51
  • Realty Income (O) - $19.95
  • Sysco (SYY) - $20.46
  • Cisco (CSCO) - $9.62
  • Powershares Muni Bond ETF (PZA) - $10.35
Total Dividends July 2016: - $322.88


  1. Looks like a pretty good month Captain. Congrats on paying off the mortgage.

    There will be plenty of better opportunities in O in the future, that stock has just run up so much lately. Overall you had a solid month with some great companies paying you dividends. Its always nice to see that average line slowly moving on up! Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing!

  2. Congrats on a fine dividend income month, and for paying off your mortgage. I'd sell O, take the gains, and pay off a mortgage too. The stock is seriously overvalued right now. There will be plenty of opportunities to buy the stock again at a reasonable price.

  3. Solid start to the second half Captain. Over $300 is a great total for the first month of the quarter. I like the ABT buy too and I need to look into the company because I like the business model. All the best in August!

  4. Keep it up Captain. You're rocking it.
    Thanks for sharing and Happy for your progress!
    I'm glad you're always so consistent and your hardwork and dedication will pay off. Believe it! Cheers bro.

  5. Solid dividend results as always. Nice pick up with ABT at a good price too. Keep it up!

  6. CDiv,

    Smooth! Crushing over the $320 mark and love your dividend chart - "upward and onward"! We share a lot of the same names. Love the O increase as well, but you sold!! Mad at all or okay with it?


  7. Great looking month Captain Dividend. Love the ABT pick up. Loving the steady climb of the quarterly moving average.

  8. Very nice progress CD!
    Happy to welcome you as a fellow ABT shareholder :)

    Best wishes, DfS

  9. Dude way to go. I really like the quarterly moving average. And I might have missed it, but are you mortgage free now??

  10. Nice progress! I like that chart. Slow steady progress with reliable dividends.

    Way to make it happen Captain

  11. Congrats on another great dividend month and good job for paying off that mortgage. That must be a great feeling.

  12. Excellent improvement as always. I am having a record year as well!

  13. Great progress Captain, always love tuning in to see your graph move up and to the right again and again :)

  14. I am extremely jealous as my mortgage is my #1 expense Captain. Congrats! I am working on a plan to get rid of mine quicker so I hope to join you soon.

  15. Fantastic that you got rid of those mortgage payments! I sold half of my O shares a while ago... I just didn't want to part with "The Monthly Dividend Company" altogether. But I agree with you, perhaps you'll get a chance to reenter at a lower price point.

    Take care!

  16. Very nice increase in Dividend CD! You are motivating me to get into dividend investing. Keep up the good work :)