Monday, December 19, 2016

Recent Buy - Realty Income (O)

With Christmas just around the corner I have been in a giving mood. Now that I have all my Christmas shopping all done I felt it was a good time to do a little shopping for myself and I think the future me will be very happy with this gift.

Today I purchased 18 shares of Realty Income (O) @ $56.60 for a total of $1018.80

It was just in July when I sold my entire position at around the $70 mark to help pay off my mortgage and the timing could not have been better. The stock began to lose some steam and here we are again in the mid $50 range. It feels good to be back!

This purchase will be my first for my Roth IRA account, and I've already setup automatic dividend reinvestment (DRIP) as well.

O Stock Chart

O Basic Stats
  • Ticker Symbol: O
  • Sector: REIT - Retail
  • Yield: 4.4%
  • Dividend Growth Streak: 20 years
  • Annualized Dividend Growth 3yr: 8.6%
  • Market cap: $14.5 Billion
  • Website:


  1. Nice Choice! Wish I could have picked up some more O this year.

  2. Well done! O has been on my radar for a while. Nice job lowering your cost-basis from the last sale too!

  3. Nice job selling at the top, then buying shares back at a reasonable price. I almost sold my O stake at $70 too. But I was tied up in an option contract so I held. Congrats Captain.

  4. Nice buy. You got me thinking about O. Just worried about coming interest rate hikes.

    1. I'm not too worried about rates. The fed only raised once this year and they said they were going to do it 4 times if I'm not mistaken. They are forecasting 3 raises for next year, will we even get any? Remains to be seen. Regardless even if they do raise I don't think we will see any major move here. I think rates are already priced in here.

      If you want some perspective on how rates can effect Realty Income just look at the last time rates went up significantly between 04'-07'. O's stock price continued to climb in this environment.

      Thanks for the comment DS

  5. Captain,

    Thank you for the thorough explanation. I'm definitely watching it. Just a matter of hoping the price stays down until I find the money.

  6. Great buy and awesome timing selling in summer.

  7. Congrats on the pick up. Looks like they are a good buy, I might possibly look at getting some as long as the price is right.

  8. Congrats on the sell and then the buy. It is nice when things line up.
    Also, I think the dividend growth streak is 24 years.

  9. Great choice on O

    O is part of my core holding that I'm always buying.

    Long O