Monday, August 14, 2017

July 2017 Dividend Update

It's time for my July dividend update! For the month of July I was able to earn $324.75 in dividend income.

In July I sold my shares of Avista since it was being bought out by another company and it drastically shot up in price close to the actual buyout price. I nearly doubled my return on this investment and with the proceeds I bought a little more Southern Company to stay in the utility space, and with the rest I purchased more General Mills (GIS) as I think it has bottomed here and it's still a great company despite some growing pains.

July Stock Sales
  • Avista (AVA) - 58 shares @ 52.15 = $3,017.68
July Stock Purchases
  • General Mills (GIS) - 37 shares @ 54 = $2,004.95
  • Southern Co. (SO) - 26 shares @ 47.00 = $1,228.95
  • Southern Co. (SO) - 25 shares @ 47.43 = $1,192.70
July Dividend Income
  • Vanguard Long-Term Bond ETF (BLV) - $3.40
  • Annaly Capital (NLY) - $16.80
  • Realty Income (O) - $7.91
  • Coke (KO) -  $22.57
  • Sysco (SYY) - $21.78
  • Cisco (CSCO) - $40.89
  • Glaxso Smith Kline (GSK) - $37.76
  • Philip Morris (PM) - $14.56
  • Altria (MO) - $57.95
  • New Jersey Resources (NJR) - $ 90.78
  • Powershares Muni Bond ETF (PZA) - $10.35
Total Dividends July 2017: - $324.75
In the chart below you can see my dividend growth. Lets keep that moving average going up!


  1. Looks like a solid month. I like the addition of GIS, I recently added some more too. Despite SO being a great company, in a rising interest rate environment I have been kind of leary about adding to my position right now. Regardless, they are both great companies that will do good over the long term. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love it. Nice pick up of GIS as the company is facing near term headwinds buying when most are selling this stalwart. Great job with your dividend income as well. Keep up the good work.

  3. Nice work on the AVA sale. I like putting the money into SO. This stock is near the top of my August watch list. Congrats on the dividend income too.

  4. Captain -

    Real solid here and making moves on the dividend companies. Also, over $300 in July is tough but you did it. Like the green moving average, moving up, that is.


  5. Very solid growth! Good job on doubling your return on AVA sale. Keep up the good work!

  6. Hi, Captain -- congrats on the AVA returns and I like how you redeployed the cash. Your average dividend income is going up nicely... keep up the good work!

  7. You got an nice income for the month of July Captain. What's also good is that the income is coming from various different sources. I actually just picked up CISCO in my portfolio and we already share a couple of the other stocks in your portfolio. So, good job and looking forward to next month's report.

    1. Nice, CSCO could still be a good buy here after the earnings release disappointed some investors.

  8. Nice flip capt! 300 bucks is great. Keep it up. Nice list of companies as well. 2 syscos i only own one!

  9. Great results cap! Amazing to see you dividend growth over the years.